Reasons To Hire a Handyman on

We will break down some reasons why to hire a handyman on moonlight handyman site. By far the number 1 reason to hire a handyman on this site is because there is no filter. You search your area, find a list of handymen returned, read their profile and reviews and ratings, and contact your handyman direct. Every published website offering the service to connect you to a handyman controls who you contact and the quote. Do you really need a site to tell you a handyman’s quote? You need to talk to the handyman, not back end personal going off your short description of the problem.

Our site does the same but you don’t wait for the team behind the site to give you a quote and a contact. This method is the most forthright for both the customer and the handyman. Think of the internet before youtube came along, how did you find all your videos? Well someone came along and decided to allow users to upload videos to one location and offer these videos for free. We’ve done the same thing except handymen create their accounts and customers find them.

So now we’ve discussed why our site, but why hire a handyman? We could go on and on but will highlight some of the best reasons.

  • People are busy and simply don’t have the time to fix that leaky faucet, or their gutters. You don’t want to hire a contractor for fixing a faucet as you’d be out hundreds of dollars. So hire a handyman who has their hourly rate already listed on our site.
  • Small problems lead to big problems. Hire a handyman to fix the issue when it first occurs will save you thousands later.
  • A handyman on our site is willing to work that extra job on the side. They will typically be very reasonable in what they charge.

We could add more benefits of a handyman but it’s your home, your castle, and you want to keep it in mint condition. So feel free to use our service at moonlight handyman today to get your projects done right.

Tnt Home improvement

190 Weybosset Street, 1
New Haven, CT 06513
Rating: 0/5 (0 votes)
Hourly Rate: $25/hr

Linden Construction and General Carpentry

163 Osborn St
Fall River, MA 02724
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Hourly Rate: $55/hr

, 00
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Hourly Rate: $/hr

Mile high s.o.a.p

394 eastern ave
Brighton, CO 80241
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website Hourly Rate: $20/hr


110 East Pearl Street
Torrington, CT 06790
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website Hourly Rate: $000000/hr

Milams handyman service

6653 Roberts drive
Kannapolis, NC 28081
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Hourly Rate: $30/hr

Larry Lupold

102 Salt Rd
Enola , PA 17025
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Hourly Rate: $22.00/hr

american painting

28 midwayoval
groton, CT 06340
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Hourly Rate: $20/hr

Eagle Eye Renovations, Inc.

P.O. Box 74301
Romulus, MI 48174
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Just in Tim Home Solutions llc

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Matthews , NC 28104
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website Hourly Rate: $30/hr